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Join Working Partnerships USA’s Solidarity Circle

Solidarity Circle is Working Partnerships USA's individual donors program. By being a part of our Solidarity Circle, you help sustain our work to empower working people, low-income neighborhoods and communities of color in the movement for a just economy.

As a member of Solidarity Circle, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Family pass to our annual power-fundraiser.
  • VIP access to special events including our Social Innovators Speaker Series and cutting-edge policy briefings.
  • Exclusive first look at our publications.

Support from community members like you has been critical to some of our most important and innovative work, from raising the minimum wage in San Jose to launching Silicon Valley Rising to inspire the tech industry to build an inclusive middle-class. Individual donors give us the ability to be nimble and forward-thinking, responding to community needs and seizing opportunities for movement building at the moment they emerge.


Questions? Please contact us at 408-809-2120 or SolidarityCircle@wpusa.org.

Our Mission

Working Partnerships USA is a community organization that drives the movement for a just economy by bringing together public policy innovation and the power of grassroots organizing. We build the capacity of working people, low-income neighborhoods and communities of color to lead and govern. Based in Silicon Valley, we tackle the root causes of inequality and poverty by leading collaborative campaigns for quality jobs, sustainable communities, health and wellness, and a democracy that works for all.

Our Goals

In the next three years, we aim to

Grow a Just Economy with Quality Jobs
  • Raise job standards—like higher wages, fair work schedules and earned sick leave—for 100,000 low-wage workers.
  • Support 5,000 low-wage workers in the tech industry to win a voice at work.
  • Win responsible contracting policies from a core of high-road tech industry leaders.
  • Grow 10,000 middle-wage job opportunities in construction, health care and key growth sectors in Silicon Valley with job pipelines for underrepresented workers.
  • With Building Trades and community partners, leverage $2.1 billion in local public construction projects to create opportunities for local, disadvantaged workers.
Promote Climate Justice and Equitable Development
  • With Bay Area-wide coalitions, win good jobs and renter protections as core goals for how $287 billion in Bay Area transportation funds will be spent in the next 25 years.
  • Build and protect tens of thousands of units of affordable housing, making this a top land use priority for San Jose and the Valley Transportation Authority, and raising funds at the county level and in more cities across the Valley.
  • Win commitments for billions of dollars in Silicon Valley’s future transportation spending to be used to protect our climate and promote equity and access.
Advance Health and Wellness
  • Achieve universal coverage in Santa Clara County for the 167,000 adults –almost all undocumented or low-income –who remain uninsured.
  • Combat the racial health gap through research and advocacy for cutting-edge health prevention programs.
  • Test new ways to develop the21st century workforce needed to revolutionize health care delivery while creating good jobs for low-income communities and people of color.
Make Democracy Work
  • Grow our base to 60,000 underrepresented voters and voters of color.
  • Graduate another 150 top-tier leaders from our training programs and launch our alumni engagement program.
  • Boost turnout among voters who often go unengaged, ensuring that their voices count in major elections in 2016 and beyond.
  • Shape major budget decisions and tax and fiscal policy at the local, county and statewide levels through engaging voters, developing budget experts and leading powerful coalitions

Our Accomplishments

Working Partnerships USA’s accomplishments since our founding in 1995 include

  • Launching Silicon Valley Rising, a coalition campaign to build an inclusive middle class in Silicon Valley, gaining national attention for occupational segregation in the tech industry and winning change at companies including Apple, eBay, Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Zynga.
  • Leading the coalition to increase San Jose’s minimum wage for 75,000 workers and standing with our friends to win minimum wage increases in four other Silicon Valley cities.
  • Leading the decades-long effort to achieve universal health coverage in Santa Clara County, gaining coverage for over 150,000 kids and now extending access for the 167,000 undocumented and low-income residents who remain uninsured.
  • Passing groundbreaking living wage ordinances to bring middle-class job standards to over 30,000 workers paid with public money.
  • With our partners in the Building Trades, increasing access to middle class construction careers for low-income women, veterans, and people of color.
  • With an incredible regional housing coalition, co-leading the effort to win $50 million in annual funding for affordable housing, now on track to expand region-wide.
  • Launching Transit Riders United, an association of over 1,500 bus and transit riders, to weigh in on regional transportation spending and make equity a core goal.
  • With the Community Budget Working Group and many allies, directing hundreds of millions of dollars in local government budgets for community priorities.
  • Spearheading the campaigns to win an $800 million construction bond for the county hospital and downtown clinic and a sales tax providing $40 million a year for vital health and safety net services.
  • Building an organized base of nearly 50,000 underrepresented voters and voters of color in Silicon Valley and ensuring their voices would count in issue elections.
  • Graduating over 700 Silicon Valley participants from our 1000 Leaders Project and replicated these programs across the country.
  • Publishing over three dozen research reports and briefs on our economy and democracy.