About Us

Building the movement for a just economy


Working Partnerships USA is a community organization bringing together the power of grassroots organizing and public policy innovation to drive the movement for a just economy.

Based in Silicon Valley, we tackle the root causes of inequality and poverty by leading collaborative campaigns for quality jobs, healthy communities, equitable growth and vibrant democracy. We build the capacity of workers, low-income neighborhoods and communities of color to lead and govern.

Innovation with equity

As the world looks to Silicon Valley as a model for economic growth, Working Partnerships is uniquely positioned to demonstrate how innovation infused with equity can work to shape a new economy of shared prosperity.

We are building an inclusive regional economy where workers and neighborhoods thrive, and where people of color, immigrants, women, and low-income residents have an equal voice and share equally in regional prosperity.

We believe community-driven change begins at the local level, where government and corporate policymakers are close enough to the ground to see their success as connected to our own. The future of our democracy depends upon our ability to simultaneously increase government’s vitality and strengthen its accountability.

Our approach

We employ four core strategies to address the root causes of economic inequality in our region:

  • Through organizing and civic engagement we build power in communities that have been pushed to the margins of the political process.
  • Our research and policy development places technical expertise in the hands of the community to craft cutting edge policy solutions.
  • Our leadership development takes people at the helms of institutions and trains them to develop their capacity to govern with shared values.
  • Through alliance building we increase our collective power and contribute to building the regional infrastructure for broad social change and impact.

Our commitment to transformative change requires us to move people to act on shared values in ways that build power, change policy, and define institutions.