Our Story

26 years ago, labor, community, and faith leaders came together with a vision for an inclusive regional economy where workers and low-income communities of color thrive. Working Partnerships USA was born.

Since then we have been at the forefront of organizing cutting-edge policy campaigns to define a new economy based on shared prosperity and mutual accountability.

We have led campaigns to improve the lives of workers and their families through groundbreaking living wage and minimum wage victories, including our 2012 victory to increase the minimum wage in San Jose for more than 75,000 low-wage workers.

We pioneered the Children’s Health Initiative to become the first county to provide universal coverage to all children regardless of documentation status.

We developed the campaign to pass a measure to generate $50 million annually to support funding for safety net programs for Santa Clara County.

And we led the Community Budget Working Group that has fought and won millions of dollars in city and county budget expenditures to fund community priorities.

Since 1995, we have been steadfast in our commitment to build the power of organized workers and communities to inspire a democracy that works for all.

We stand with the labor movement, and its history of confronting the power of capital to improve the lives of working people across this country. We stand for racial justice and the excluded workers and communities who have fought for hundreds of years to step out of the shadows and lead. We stand for climate justice as stewards of our communities’ health and the sustainability of our environment for generations to come.

We stand for an economic system that leaves no family behind and prioritizes people over profits. And we stand for a government that protects the vulnerable, invests in our greatest challenges, and inspires us all step up and take action.