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Cafeteria workers at Facebook organize

July 25, 2017

Our Silicon Valley Rising campaign is about inspiring the tech industry to build an inclusive middle class.

Yesterday we saw what that looks like as over 500 cafeteria workers at Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters announced they’ve won union recognition with UNITE HERE Local 19!

This victory shows how we take on inequality and occupational segregation in the tech industry. Around 5,000 tech service workers — shuttle bus drivers, security officers, janitors, and food service workers — have now organized for fairer wages and benefits, better working conditions, and a voice on the job.

At Intel, baristas have won $5+ wage increases, affordable health plans, and paid sabbatical, a first for food service workers in Silicon Valley.

As our country grapples with rising inequality and economic insecurity, here in Silicon Valley we’re showing how to build a more inclusive economy.