Seven ways to support the Marriott workers on strike

October 19, 2018

Workers at the Marriott Hotel in San Jose are striking for a living wage and a fair contract. Here are seven ways you can support the workers in their fight:

  1. HONK: If you drive by the picket line on South Market Street (map), tap on your horn. A friendly beep shows support and encourages workers.
  2. SIGN THE PETITION: Add your name to the One Job Should be Enough Pledge
  3. DONATE: This GoFundMe supports workers during this time.
  4. PACK GROCERIES: WPUSA is continuing to organize grocery deliveries in partnership with Sacred Heart Community Service. Email to help assemble, unload, and load groceries between 12-1:30pm and/or 1:30-2:30pm in downtown San Jose this coming Tuesday, October 23, or to express interest for a later date — especially if you have a truck or van!
  5. WALK: Walk with workers, who are on the picket line 24/7. Show up to the San Jose Marriott (301 S Market St) and simply join the march. Please contact us if you are new to this and would like additional support.
  6. SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow Unite Here Local 19 on social media for the latest updates (Facebook | Twitter), and help amplify content by sharing tweets and Facebook live streams. Create your own posts using hashtags #1job #MarriottStrike; share informational links like this on your favorite platform.
  7. DO NOT CROSS PICKET LINES: Crossing a picket line directly undermines the struggle of striking workers. Refuse to patronize Marriott hotels as well as any other business being picketed.