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Paid sick days & workplace protections for all Californians

June 9, 2020

Our whole community is strongest when everyone has what they need to be healthy and safe. But too many working Californians have faced devastating losses without recourse or protections to ensure they can care for their families and come back strong.

The California Assembly is voting now on a bill to strengthen worker protections. The bill, AB 3216 (Kalra), empowers working Californians to protect ourselves, care and provide for our families, and stay home if we are sick. AB 3216 includes three critical worker protections:

  • Statewide emergency paid sick leave for all working people;
  • Expanded access and job protections for family leave; and
  • Right of recall for laid-off workers in industries heavily impacted by COVID-19.

All working people need to be able to stay home if we are sick, to care for our family members without fear of being fired, and to have the right to return to our jobs once businesses re-open. AB 3216 addresses the urgent need for California to recover from COVID-19, prevent recurring outbreaks that could devastate our communities and small businesses, and move toward economic recovery.