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AB 3216 passes the Assembly

June 18, 2020

California Assemblymembers just took a key step forward for working families by voting YES on AB 3216 - strengthening paid sick leave, family leave, and right of recall for workers most impacted by COVID-19.

We are all stronger when everyone has what we need to care for ourselves and our loved ones during this pandemic and beyond. And thanks to your calls and emails, our legislators heard our collective demand to #ProtectAllWorkers with these essential protections.

Thanks to your support, we are on our way to a healthier and more equitable recovery for California’s working families. But our fight doesn’t end today. The next step in this bill’s journey is the State Senate - with votes starting as soon as July.

No worker should have to choose between paying their bills or taking care of a loved one. Our state must protect those who have lost work during this public health pandemic so we can all come back strong and healthy.