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AB 3216 needs a Senate hearing

July 25, 2020

We are all stronger when everyone has what we need to care for ourselves and our loved ones during this pandemic.

But as Governor Newsom emphasized yesterday, Californians are grappling with huge disparities in access to paid sick leave, forcing far too many people to choose between losing their jobs or going to work when they are sick.

AB 3216 would address these disparties by providing universal paid sick leave and job protection during a public health emergency. It passed the State Assembly with a groundswell of worker and community support.

Now we need Senator Jerry Hill to commit to give AB 3216 a hearing in the Senate Labor Committee. If he doesn't, the bill could die without ever getting a vote.

No worker should have to choose between paying their bills or taking care of a loved one. Our state must protect those who have lost work during this public health crisis so we can all come back strong and healthy.